Alternative Break: Responding to Human Sex Trafficking

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Increased awareness about human sex trafficking in the United States has created a desire by many to get involved in helping protect and rescue children and young adults from this horrible crime.

Read about the experience a group from Montreat College had during a one week training retreat.

Here’s a blog-post from a team that was with us in Spring 2017 from University of Central Florida. 

The Life of Freedom Center offers immersive retreats and professional level workshops that train individuals on effectively mobilizing within their community and effectively respond and serve individuals that have been rescued or at risk of being enslaved by sex trafficking.

Set in Miami, Florida, an area with the third highest rate of reported trafficking, your group of up to 12 participants can attend a 3 to 7 day retreat that includes classroom workshops taught by experts and professionals in their fields. Each session includes field activities and simulations where participants learn to start practicing their new skills.

We can offer the experience so you can safely intervene in the lives of at-risk youth and protect rescued survivors from being re-victimized.

Awareness and Prevention

Learn the importance of sharing the facts about human trafficking and practice creative ways to engage teens in learning how to watch out for predators and identify peers that might be at-risk of being trafficked.  The workshop includes field practice where participants practice sharing prevention information and spreading awareness in person and on social media.

Sex Trafficking 101

A multi-part training with an emphasis on domestic sex trafficking along with an overview of effective strategies in the prevention of this crime and intervening upstream in the lives of at-risk youth.  Participants also gain insight on the traumatic impact that trafficking makes in the lives of survivors and their vulnerability to be re-victimized. Workshops include mock simulations of scenarios where participants advocate on behalf of a survivor, practice spreading awareness, learn to identify the signs of potential human trafficking and more…

Identifying and Serving At-Risk Youth and Young Adults

This workshop is geared specifically for individuals that work directly with youth including, pastors, teachers, counselors, parents and childcare workers. Participants learn to identify the signs of possible abuse and exploitation. What to do when a child speaks up about sex abuse while at home, school, church, trips and outings. Participants learn how to work with counselors and police to follow-thru on reported cases of abuse.  Workshop participants practice scenarios where they must decide if and when to report suspected cases of child abuse and how to approach individuals within your organization, family that have been accused of sexual abuse.

Conducting Effective Outreach

Victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation often find themselves enslaved within blocks or miles of their own neighborhood.  Bringing awareness and actively conducting outreach into the community is key in helping identify potential victims and also making harder for traffickers to operate within legal businesses or residential areas. Participants also learn how to conduct phone and internet outreach. For every child sold on the street there are three sold online. Workshops include actual daytime outreach and an overnight internet outreach.  Includes a night-time tour of areas that are suspected of having active commercial sex businesses.

Learn the Survivor’s Perspective

Listen to a survivor of human trafficking share about how she ended up in, “The Life” and her journey to recovery. Every minute 2 children are enslaved. Understanding their story is crucial in building long-term, loving and supportive relationships with survivors.

Increase Opportunities for Healing

The path to healing and recovery from sex trafficking can be long and difficult. Learning how to build long-term relationships is a key component in avoiding re-victimization and living a life of freedom from abuse and exploitation. This multi-part training includes modules on understanding the Stockholm syndrome, steps towards empowering survivors to, the role of mentors and much more. Workshop includes mock client interviews where participants practice accomplishing simple tasks with a survivor.

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