Help Free More Survivors

The Life of Freedom Center is raising funds to hire a full-time Licensed Clinical Social Worker

This position will direct our client care programs in 4 South Florida Counties! Make your tax-deductible donation today.

Take Action to Help End It

Launch a Sharing 1 Love Campaign in your community and help protect your neighborhood from Human Trafficking.  
Together we're spreading awareness, conducting outreach and increasing resources for survivors. Join S1L today!  

Alternative Breaks

The Life of Freedom Center offers immersive retreats that train individuals on how to respond to human trafficking in their own community.  
Book your break with the LoFCenter.



Sharing 1 Love (S1L) is a safe and effective way to respond to human trafficking in our nation’s communities. By uniting advocates to make children safer, identify locations where human trafficking is suspected and increase support and resources for victims to recover.

S1L advocates make neighborhoods safer by focusing in three anti-trafficking activities :

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