make a difference

Volunteering is the first step in making a difference.

Since opening in 2012, volunteers have been integral in assisting The Life of Freedom Center to fulfill its mission to spread awareness, conduct outreach and increase opportunities for healing. Relying on volunteers and missionary staff also allows The Life of Freedom Center to commit the majority of contributed funds towards direct client services.

Quick ways to make a long lasting impact:

The Life of Freedom Center depends on dedicated volunteers to offer survivors the greatest opportunity to live a life free of abuse and exploitation. Most of these roles can be completed with as little as 2-4 hours per week, during our normal office hours. The result of your time contributes to the lofcenter’s ability to make an impact in the lives of the people we serve. These are also perfect roles for college interns seeking to fulfill 10-35 hours in a semester. Click here for a list of open volunteer positions. 

Serve as volunteer staff:

The LoF Center functions 100% through volunteers & supported missionaries. We make our volunteer staff positions flexible and as adaptable as possible understanding that those serving to provide hope and help to survivors have other responsibilities as well. Most positions require 4 hours/week minimum with a 6 month commitment.  Click here to see open staff positions. 

Become a community mentor:

An effective mentor serves as a starting point for survivors to build relationships within the community, thereby reducing their vulnerability to being exploited by the commercial sex industry or worse being lured back into human trafficking simply because they feel they have no other options available. Click here to learn more about becoming a mentor.