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When clients first here the voice of one of our staff members they are sure to notice the warm, respectul and caring tone of someone that is responding out of love. Along with that love the Life of Freedom Center also provides the resources and support so they can break free from the dangers of human trafficking. 

Every month the Life of Freedom Center faces the same expenses like any other organization including rent, insurance, internet, gas and electricity. We are only able to continue to offer free services to survivors of human trafficking because of people like you that help us cover the financial expenses like these.

This month we have some additional expenses associated with the Life of Freedom Center's participation in Austin Give Camp, where our website will receive a make-over courtesy of a design team and programmers, the result will be an improved website for survivors to access help and resources but also for our staff to access training and tools.

We thank you for considering to be part of our team!


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