Illicit Massage Businesses Facilitate Sex Trafficking in our Communities

Polaris just released a comprehensive report on human trafficking in illicit massage businesses – a massive problem that plagues the streets of every city. When you see a sign like this one in your community, recognize that these lights are kept on by the demand of the average 30 sex buyers that visit these IMB’s everyday. Read more about this groundbreaking report here.


Advocates in our Sharing 1 Love campaign are able to map illicit massage businesses and other similar trafficking hot spots and this information is used to guide outreach and awareness events in the surrounding area. In Miami Beach, greater awareness about sex trafficking lead to the closing of 5 illicit massage businesses , as a result kids in Miami Beach are safer from traffickers and their sex purchasing customers. Learn how you can become an Advocate and help transform your community to be a safe place for the vulnerable by Sharing 1 Love.


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