Brighter lives for survivors

Sharing One Love provides emergency funds to individuals and families that are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.  Front line providers face many hurdles, specially when they first meet their clients. It helps to be able to count on funds to assist with emergency housing, auto repairs, prescription drugs, travel costs and more.  We’re turning to our community to respond. Please donate what you can and help spread the word. Thank you!

What we are doing

  • Providing gift cards for food and clothing
  • Providing travel back home for trafficking victims.
  • Providing funds for educational supplies.
  • Providing funds for a fun outing.

How can you help?

  • $35 Allows for 3 meals or a weekly bus pass.
  • $85 Allows for 1 session with a mental health counselor.
  • $150 Allows for a survivor to be safe in a hotel for 2 nights.