Is Your Organization Serving Foreign Born Victims of Human Trafficking?


Join Sharing One Love's Network of TVAP Providers 

The Sharing One Love Network is an award recipient of the Trafficking Victims Assistance Program for 2020/2021. We are super excited about this opportunity to bring this resource to members who can now qualify their foreign born clients for financial assistance that can go towards immediate needs and reimbursing for comprehensive case management services.  

Partner with Experienced Anti-Trafficking Professionals


Christina DeNicola: Director of Human Trafficking Services

As Director of Human Trafficking Services, Christina DeNicola will be coordinating Sharing One Love's network of TVAP providers in identifying and leveraging resources to help victims recover from the devastation of human trafficking.

She brings her years of experience working alongside local and federal law enforcement partners to offer services to victims of trafficking at the time they are identified, and throughout the judicial process. She'll be leading our efforts to onboard members to the TVAP program and assist them in building case plans that include emotional support, a 24/7 crisis response, and comprehensive case management services to help victims escape their traffickers and reach self-sufficiency.

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September 17th, 2020

Trafficking Victim Assistance Program: Learn more about helping victims of trafficking through TVAP funding

The purpose of this webinar is to provide organizations with an overview of the Trafficking Victim Assistance Program and determine if becoming a TVAP provider is a good fit for your agency. If you are working with or would like to work with foreign national victims of human trafficking, please join us to learn more about available funding for this population. 

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